A Special Request to a Special Few #1

Dear Prayer Warrior,

Sometimes the in between times can be a real trial by fire when it comes to finances.

During peak-ministry-travel-times it seems like God pours out lots of blessings for buying plane tickets and covering travel costs and even covering "the bills." Everybody is excited.

Then there is the midway season where donations drop to just a trickle. I can almost (but not quite) relate to Elijah by that stream. 🙂

In past years we have gotten behind during those seasons and had to send out an occasional "panic" message.

I believe God has put a different idea in my head this year.

I was praying about the "midway slump" and felt in my spirit that Julianna and I shouldn't brave this storm alone this year; but rather we should communicate with our friends, family, and ministry sponsors and invite you to be the difference!

Please pray for us that we would be strong and well provided for as we prepare for another trip coming up in October.

Please pause today and ask God if He would have you make a special midyear donation to Worldwide Awakening Ministries.

This gift is for the costs of life, preparation, and "the bills."

You can make a donation and watch the cool bar increase here:
Or you can make a donation at our regular site here:

I plan on sending out several follow up emails over the next month to let you know how this goes, but I am not sending those to everybody.

You are getting this email because I prayerfully thought you might have a particular desire to stand with us in this way. If you do NOT want to be in this "special few" please let me know and I will remove you from this particular fundraiser. (You will still remain on the regular email newsletter list).

Thanks for being a blessing in our lives and in our ministry!

Jon Davis Jr.
Worldwide Awakening "In Between" Guy

P.S. It would be very helpful to me if you could quickly respond to this email and say "I'm making an extra donation of _____" or "Please take me off of this particular fundraiser" or something to let me know that you got this email and considered it before the Lord.

P.P.S. Some Suggestions: 1) $100.00 2) $200.00 3) $300.00 4) $500.00
5) $1,000.00  6) $2,000.00