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Send Me To India Digitally

Kingdom Warriors are waiting to be equipped. Will you help me launch them into the battle?

The Battle:

The World is on fire.  The Enemy of our souls wants us to cower in fear.  But the Great Commission has not changed.

We must go into all the world and teach them to obey everything Jesus has commanded!

The Vision:

To teach and train a generation of young Indian leaders to fall in love with God and then find and fulfill their roles in Worldwide Christian Awakening and Reformation.

The Opportunity:

To send me, Jon Davis, “digitally” to India this Fall.

With online classes and follow up online groups, together we will equip our brothers and sisters for the battle.

Your Part:

  • Pray With Passion
  • Give Generously
  • Encourage and believe in your missionary!

Plans And Thoughts:

Greetings Friends and Support Team!

Even before COVID-19 struck the world I had an inner sense that it was time to begin preparing for “digital warfare” in my quest to Inspire, Disciple, and Mobilize the next generation of Christian Leaders.

I have for some time been accumulating tools, knowledge, and skills to teach online.

Right now there are two contacts I am working with to develop this outreach teaching and training program inside India.

I also have some of my own “weapons” – a Facebook group and follow up contact info for Alumni and a bunch of tools for building an online community and mobilization center.

We in “the West” have benefited greatly from the foresight and worldview of our ancestors.

There are foundations in our culture that were so strong that there are still remnants to this day, in spite of the onslaught of humanism.

I want to see these foundations rebuilt and strengthened in my nation, but I also want future generations of Indians to benefit from a long term Kingdom Vision.

The Ideas of The Bible help form and create a people who glorify God and live under His Blessing.

Please do not underestimate what can be done through you!

Will you join me in your prayers and with a generous donation today to help me step up to the plate and deliver powerful Worldview Training to these up and coming Indian Christian Leaders?

I need your help, and I know that with that help we can do this!

Join Me!

Jon Davis Jr.

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Worldwide Awakening Ministries is a 501c3 organization and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.

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