If you listen to the news or talk to people you might get the impression that there is no hope for planet earth. We are convinced that this is not the case! Not only is there an Eternal Hope in Jesus, but there is also Hope for Today.

God has appointed His People, His Bride to be a fragrant presence establishing God’s will on earth as it is in Heaven.

This is what Worldwide Awakening is all about. It’s time for the Church to Awake. It’s time for God’s People to get Inspired. It is time to Disciple the Next Generation. It is time to Mobilize the Body of Christ!

Will you join us in praying, preaching, teaching, discipling and imparting God’s Plan to fill all the earth with the Knowledge of His Character and Ways?

Come with us as we work to advance a Worldwide Awakening of Knowing and Loving the One True Living and Eternal God!


In Jesus,

Jon and Julianna
Worldwide Awakening Ministries

“….inspiring, discipling, and mobilizing young people to fall in love with God and to find their role in world revival and reformation”